What is the advantageof eco-friendly bags?

- Apr 14, 2018-

1.Environmental protection: The use of environmental protection bags by all citizens can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and drastically reduce the proliferation of white pollution;

2. Excellent performance: The eco-bags strictly comply with the relevant national environmental protection standards, made of environmentally-friendly processing materials, and its degradation ability is even better than other materials. And the life of this eco-friendly bag is much longer than that of the paper bag;

3. Recycling: This kind of eco-friendly bag has the characteristics of softness and wear-resistance. It can be folded into various forms and can be recycled. The normal use times are more than 10,000 times;

4. Exquisite and versatile: The bags are beautifully printed, medium in size and versatile. This eco-bag can hold many things, such as fresh food, clothing, toys, documents, etc., can be loaded.