What are the hazards of non-green bags?

- Apr 15, 2018-

The environmental pollution caused by non-environmental bags mainly includes "visual pollution" and "potential harm." Among them, "visual pollution" refers to the destruction of cityscapes and is the most prominent issue in the "white pollution" problem. "Potential hazard" refers to the long-term environmental problems caused by the indestructible degradation of waste plastic products after entering the natural environment. The plastic structure is stable and is not easily destroyed by natural microbial bacteria. This means that if waste plastic waste is not recycled, it will become a permanent and continuous accumulation of pollutants in the environment. It will not only affect the development of industrial and agricultural production, threaten the animal's living environment, but also affect the sustainable use of land and the comprehensive utilization of other organic wastes due to improper handling.

In fact, many citizens have realized the dangers of non-green bags. In order to reduce pollution, they will reuse non-green bags, such as used to store rubbish or go to a food court to buy food. However, the efforts of ordinary citizens alone are far from enough. The non-environmental bags at home always accumulate and accumulate at a rate that exceeds the speed of consumption. Many non-environmental bags are still discarded as waste. To reduce the damage of non-environmental bags, and to maintain a clean environment in the city, we must start from the source and reduce the distribution of non-recyclable bags.