Whether the non-woven bag is economical and environmentally friendly

- Apr 13, 2018-

Compared to our more common plastic bags and paper bags, the non-woven bags are easier to print and the colors are more vivid. The printed advertisements are printed on non-woven bags to use the traffic to spread the advertisements. Far, can better enhance the brand's visibility. Because its loss rate is lower than plastic bags, it is more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, and can bring more obvious advertising benefits.

However, in layman's view, the production process of non-woven bags is very simple. It is nothing more than cutting, printing, and sewing. It does not require much technical content. If everybody has this idea, then it would be a big mistake. The non-woven bags produced by Chengdu Non-woven Bags Manufacturers Ring Ya Packaging are required to go through a lot of processes, and are passed through every non-woven bag production process. Quality inspection department professional inspection, from design, cutting, printing, sewing, packaging and other efforts, make every effort to make every non-woven bag, at the same time, it constantly measures the customer's brand promotion process, effect and cost. The balance between.

Therefore, when customers customize non-woven bags, many people will use the price to measure non-woven bags instead of quality. In fact, the ring Ya packaging that is not a good product is expensive, but expensive in value! Not because of cheap, but to value the economic and environmental value of non-woven bags!