Standard for selection of garbage bags

- Aug 14, 2017-

First of all, according to environmental protection design concept, choose garbage Bag:

The first to buy "can install", because the general garbage bag can only load 2/3 capacity. Can not be installed on the mouth, is not conducive to garbage cleaning, the selection of "automatic garbage bag, to make full use of the capacity of the garbage bag space, can be more garbage, thus less plastic bags."

Second, the garbage bag is divided into two kinds of design, one is flat bottom, one is octagonal type bottom. Flat bottom design of the garbage bag, large capacity. The octagonal base is more powerful than the load-bearing force.

The third mark uses the high strength PE pure new material, compared with only two times recycled material bag body to be more has the sex, more flexible durable not easy to puncture. Considerations

Four, to choose easy to shut the garbage bag, so that is conducive to garbage disposal. If the garbage bag is easy to break, not easy to shut down, environmental workers in the disposal of garbage scattered one, not conducive to environmental protection.