Shopping bag selection points

- Aug 14, 2017-

A look:

1, schoolbag body is full, whether the arc is natural, paste whether clothes, angle is symmetrical, whether the fabric has obvious flaws, neat and clean.

2, suture Trace whether there is empty needle, leakage needle, skip needle phenomenon.

3, the logo on whether the name of the manufacturer, address and products used in the material and other content.

Second, try:

1, zipper pull is smooth

2, lift, strap is firmly stitched (can be used to pull the hand slightly)

3. Whether it is comfortable to hold

4, the back of the bag support should be flexible cushion treatment, bear should not appear in the corner of the pressure concentration.

5, Bag belt should not clip back bag of the neck

6, Bag belt length should be flexible adjustment, locking firmly.


The plastic and metal parts on the bag should not have sharp tips and burrs to avoid damaging the body or bad clothing when used.