Ways to reduce the use of plastic bags

- Aug 14, 2017-

Reuse Plastic bags: Select a few sturdy plastic bags and put them in your bag and carry them with you so you can use your own plastic bags while shopping and refuse to use the plastic bags provided by the store. Reusable plastic bags are easy to carry (can be put in small bags, even in pockets!) , and as long as more than a few, you can buy a lot of things, can also be divided, so will not bring inconvenience to life. The soiled plastic bags will be used to pack rubbish (or to be washed and reused), while clean plastic bags can be reused several times.

Refuse plastic bags: In general, cashiers tend to be mechanically packaged and receivable. They don't have time to ask customers if they need plastic bags. If you don't need it, you don't have to accept plastic bags, such as when buying small items like yogurt, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Who says bags and handbags can't make shopping bags?

Use REUSABLE Reusable bags: carry your own bags at ordinary times.

Count how many plastic bags you've used: Take a look! Think about how many plastic bags you spend today or this week.

Tell these methods to your friends and relatives around you, so that more people to make a contribution to environmental protection.

If you go to buy eggs and other fragile things, you can choose a small wicker basket, both environmentally friendly and stylish.

Try to use reusable bags for shopping.