The main hazards of garbage bags

- Aug 14, 2017-

Most of the plastic bags people use in daily shopping are made of oil, because of the huge amount of use, the waste of resources and the environmental pollution are very alarming. Plastic bags buried in the ground will take about 200 years to rot, and seriously pollute the soil, if incineration treatment, will produce harmful fumes and poisonous gases, long-term pollution of the environment.

China buys vegetables every day to use 1 billion plastic bags, other kinds of plastic bags in the amount of more than 2 billion a day. Beijing discarded 2.3 billion plastic bags a year, producing waste plastic packaging waste 140,000 tons, accounting for 3% of the total domestic waste. Shanghai produces waste plastic packaging waste 190,000 tons each year, accounting for 7% of total domestic waste. Tianjin's waste plastic packaging waste is also more than 100,000 tons each year. Shopping malls donated plastic bags are mainly biodegradable, if used as garbage bags, will seriously endanger the environment.