Non-woven bags are much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags

- Mar 06, 2018-

"Plastic limit order" has been implemented for more than three months, according to statistics from relevant departments, the use of plastic bags is reduced by 70%. More and more people are joining the ranks of using "eco-friendly shopping," plastic bag alternatives - bags are being used by more and more people. However, some people question whether the non-woven bags that play the leading role in the market are really eco-friendly.

The reporter visited several large shopping supermarkets, shopping bags found in the various styles of shopping bags, most of the above written "green" message. Purchasing Guide told reporters that these shopping bags are non-woven, cheap and environmentally friendly. When a reporter asked what aspects of their environmental performance, shopping guide hesitated after a moment, said: "Not a plastic bag, but can be used many times."

According to Tianjin University of Technology Department of Non-woven Materials, Associate Professor Liu Ya introduction, non-woven bags of raw materials for polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate, nonwovens manufacturers will add photodegradation agent in polypropylene And photodegradation aid, so that non-woven fabrics in the sunlight irradiation, photodegradation can be achieved, will not cause environmental pollution. Under the natural light, a non-woven bag can completely degrade within 90 days.

Some consumers have ignited non-woven bags, found that black smoke, and irritating odor. Professor Liu said the main raw material for non-woven polypropylene is also the main raw material of plastic products, "there will be some pollution, but compared to plastic production process is very small."