Canvas bags use common sense

- Mar 05, 2018-

After canvas processing, can be used as shoes bags, shoulder bags, travel bags and so on. We generally divide canvas into two kinds of canvas.

Believe in today's society, each of us in the hands of one or two canvas bags. However, canvas bags provide convenience for us at the same time, it also brought some problems. Because the canvas is easier to vacuum, it is very laborious to wash. So each of us should have some general knowledge of canvas bags.

Canvas was originally used for sails and is therefore called canvas. The general use of plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, warp and weft yarns are used stranded canvas, also known as tarpaulin, commonly used 58 (10 British branch) 4 to 7 strands of woven fabric fast folding, with Good water resistance, for car transport and open storage shelter and outdoor tents.

We should pay attention to the maintenance of canvas bags the following points:

1, try to avoid canvas bags direct sunlight, because the sun is to accelerate the decomposition of canvas bags, aging will become much faster.

2, do not touch salt, irritating soda and other chemicals, so will save canvas bag longer.

3, when cleaning the strength should be properly controlled, if the force is too large, the canvas line will be broken, and the canvas after scouring too much strength, the life expectancy will drop by more than half.