The difference between thermal transfer and thermal sublimation

- Mar 07, 2018-

Are the same printing process, thermal transfer printing out of the convex feeling, and sublimation is feeling very smooth; thermal transfer is the transfer patterns and patterns, and sublimation is the pattern or pattern of infiltration. This is the difference between two different qualities.

Thermal transfer is the use of thermal pressure on the thermal transfer patterns and patterns on the film directly transferred to the printed surface of the printing process

Features: The thermal transfer of high production efficiency, to a variety of complex color one-time printing is completed, bright colors, full, realistic graphics, and a higher gloss, pattern adhesion, durable wear

Applications: Thermal transfer is now widely Ling Ling used in high-end toys, stationery, wood, leather, cosmetics and daily necessities to enhance the added value of the product

Sublimation transfer is the use of sublimation principle, the sublimation of the paper pattern or pattern directly penetrate the surface of the printed material processing printing.

Features: The pattern directly penetrates the surface of the printed material. Does not change the original texture of the surface being printed, bright colors, excellent adhesion, it is difficult to fade


 Sublimation Zhuang Ling Ling used in clothing, handbags, ribbons, bags, cloth pads, packaging supplies, posters and other supplies.