Candy Plastic Food Bags

Candy Plastic Food Bags

MOQ: 5000 Pieces 

Material: BOPP

Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Candy Plastic Food Bags









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1) Available Material: BOPP Plastic

2) Size Accept: Customized. 

3) Printing: Customized printing for different colors.

Bidirectional stretch polypropylene film (BOPP thin film) is a new kind of excellent transparent soft packaging material. It is a crystalline polymer products, after two-way stretch, due to the role of molecular chain, increase the degree of crystallinity, which greatly increased the tensile strength, elastic modulus, impact strength, tear strength and folding strength, such as performance, has the good transparency and gloss, moisture resistance, but also has the advantages of quality of a material is lighter, the price is relatively low. BOPP film is suitable for all kinds of packaging, printing, composite and aluminum plating.

It can be divided into: Normal type: also called the light film, flat film. For printing, compound (transparent type, extinction type), coating (adhesive tape and PVDC coating film base film).It is the most widely used and the most productive variety of film products; Heat seal type: used for general packing, such as cigarette packaging film, three-layer heat sealing film, five-layer blocking gas film, pearl film and coating heat sealing film, etc. Label film: used for commodity label, advertising printing, book magazine, bottle label and package, etc. Metallized film: used for vacuum aluminum plating. Capacitor film: used for capacitors and metal capacitors.

We have a production process for Candy Plastic Food Bags.

The heat sealing quality of composite film is a comprehensive indicator, it has to do with the structure of the composite film, heat sealing materials selection and determination of the production process, print layout, printing ink and adhesive has a different relationship such as heat resistance.

With the rapid development of the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry, the plastic composite soft packaging bag has an increasing proportion in the packaging field due to its good barrier property.

At the same time, the quality of plastic composite soft packaging is becoming more and more strict, and the hot sealing bag is the last process in the production of plastic composite soft packaging. It is the use of external heating composite film heat sealing parts of the heat sealing material into a viscous flow state, with the aid of heat sealing pressure tool, make up and down two floors heat sealing material fusion together, maintain strength after cooling, with good sealing. In this paper, some influential factors are analyzed in this paper.

1. Standard exporting package

2. Original package or neutral package

3. We use cartons or poly bags

4. Package size is based on actual weight and volume or Customized.

5. Various modes of transportation

6. Usually deliver goods in 10-15 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount