Bread Plastic Food Bags

Bread Plastic Food Bags

MOQ: 10000 Pieces 

Material: VM PET

Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Bread Plastic Food Bags  









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China

We are manufacturer of Bread Plastic Food Bags. A high quality bag will enhance your brand awareness and upgrade your corporate image.

Take advantage of high quality custom-made custom printed plastic bag:

- Premium Quality: Always Printed Flawlessly

- 100% Plastic Construction = Maximum Durability

- Available In Any Shape, Color and Graphic You Can Think Of

Aluminum plating film is to use a special process on the plastic film surface plating a thin layer of metal aluminum and formed a kind of composite flexible packaging materials because it has the characteristics of plastic film, but also has the characteristics of metal is a kind of cheap and beautiful packaging materials, excellent performance, strong practicability, therefore is very popular with people, the following brief introduction of aluminum plating film.

At present, the most application of aluminum-plated films is polyester coated aluminum film (VMPET) and CPP aluminum coating (VMCPP).The role of the aluminum plating thin film surface is shading, prevent ultraviolet irradiation, extend the shelf life of the contents, and improve the brightness of the film, from a certain extent, instead of the aluminum foil, also has a low price, beautiful and good barrier properties, therefore, aluminum plating film and they are widely used in the composite packaging is mainly used in biscuit dry, puffed food packaging and on some medicine and cosmetics packaging.

A gravure printing operation procedure

Preparatory work

(1) Check whether there are dirt, garbage and other unprinted items around the printing press and check if the ventilation and exhaust facilities are in good condition.

(2) Check whether the original auxiliary materials are prepared and meet the printing requirements. The printing of plastic film requires the substrate film to meet the following requirements: the surface is smooth and flat, without obvious stiffness, yellow black dots, holes, and no excessive wrinkles. The average thickness error of the substrate film should be within 10% (1m printing width).

(3) Inspection roller quality. Note after a matching color version of the roll should be slightly bigger than the former one color, such as: the second color version of the roll should be greater than the first edition to the perimeter of the roll perimeter 1%, at least should be larger or equal, absolutely not smaller than the first day, otherwise unable to overprint is correct. Check roller pattern, color standard condition.

(4) Check the transfer printing machine, material, the material, drying, ink, traction and winding each part if there is a jam phenomenon, lubrication part into the lubricating oil, the oil was clear, the instruments are in good condition. 

(5) Prepare the ink, choose the same color ink as the sample color.