Aluminum Foil Electronic Bag with Printing

Aluminum Foil Electronic Bag with Printing

MOQ: 20000 Pieces

Material: Aluminum Foil

Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Product Name

Aluminum Foil Electronic Bag With Printing








Aluminum Foil

Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1. Shelf adhesive & sticker label & ziplock & heat-seal & pink available.

2. Can keep components sensitive to static away from the potential static danger to the largest extent;

3. First class material;

4. Translucent, so the goods inside can be easily recognized from outside;

5. Its special structure can create an inductive cover to separate the goods inside from the static field.

Aluminum foil for its excellent properties, widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic floor, household necessities, etc., usually used as its packaging materials, electrolytic capacitors materials, construction, vehicles, ships, houses and other thermal insulation materials, but also as decorative gold and Silver lines, wallpaper and various types of stationery and light industrial products, such as decoration trademarks. In the above-mentioned applications, the most effective way to play the aluminum foil performance point is as packaging materials. 

From the application of aluminum can also be seen, the main use of aluminum in China is the construction industry, followed by the transport of aluminum. The construction industry accounted for more than 30%, the use of aluminum foil packaging only 7%. But in the United States, the gap in the use of aluminum is very large, mainly used in the field of transportation, packaging and construction, the packaging sector accounted for 19%. We are far from developed countries and are at a relatively low level compared to the global average. Through the development trend of developed countries, we can fully judge that the future of China's aluminum metal consumption, to the packaging field, traffic tilt is the trend.

We have a production process for Aluminum Foil Electronic Bag With Printing.

Gravure web, general use of speed control system printing speed, in order to make the various printing units synchronized, using a main motor and CVT, with a long rotating shaft to drive the entire printing system. Start the ink pump, check whether the ink pump reverse. In the color printing plate clutch out of the situation to start the main motor, check the transmission speed, and then find open dryer and blower, at low speed to close the clutch, the color register.