PP Woven Shopping Bags with Frame

PP Woven Shopping Bags with Frame

MOQ: 1000 Pieces

Material: PP

Supply Ability: 30000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’=Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

PP Woven Shopping Bags With Frame









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1. Easy to use and carry things.

2. Prevent goods from stealing.

3. OEM is welcome.

PP is the crystalline polymer, the most lightweight in the plastics, and the density is 0.91 g/cm3 (smaller than the water).General plastic, PP had better heat resistance, its thermal deformation temperature is 80-80 ℃, can in the boiling water. PP has good stress cracking resistance, high bending fatigue life, commonly known as "100 percent plastic". The comprehensive performance of PP is superior to PE material. PP products are light, tough and good chemical resistance. The disadvantages of PP: low dimensional accuracy, lack of rigidity. It has post-contraction phenomenon. After stripping, it is easy to age, brittle and easy to deform.

In daily life, the commonly used preservation box is made of PP materials. Forming characteristic

1. Crystallization material, small moisture absorption, easy to occur melt fracture, long contact with hot metal is easy to decompose. 2. Good fluidity, but large shrinkage area and shrinkage value, easy to occur shrinkage cavity.

3. The cooling speed, gating system and cooling system should slow cooling, and pay attention to control the molding temperature. Easy orientation when low temperature high pressure, mold temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the plastic parts is not smooth, easy to cause weld adverse, flow mark, 90 degrees or more prone to buckling deformation

4. The thickness of plastic wall should be uniform, avoiding the lack of glue and sharp Angle, in case of stress concentration

We have a production process for PP Woven Shopping Bags With Frame.

We have two kinds of production process for Nonwoven Shopping Bag With Pocket Foldable.

Return pin: cross back and back of the handle and bag with the back of the bag (only the sewing bag). After the injection, the load will be increased by about 2 kg.

Fork: handle the butterfly fork (all bags are available) at the junction of the hand and the bag. The load will be increased by about 5 kg after the forked and strengthened.

1. Standard exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. We use cartons or poly bags.

4. Package size is based on actual weight and volume or Customized.

5. Various modes of transportation.

6. Usually deliver goods in 10-15 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount.