Linen Shopping Bag with Printing

Linen Shopping Bag with Printing

MOQ: 1000 Pieces 

Material: Linen

Supply Ability: 30000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Linen Shopping Bag With Printing









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1.Good hygroscopicity, no static, warmth retention property is strong, high tensile resistance, corrosion resistance.

2.Heat resistance, flat, bright and clean, soft luster, soft fiber, a few big characteristics of wave cycle and holiness, generous, health.

Linen textile is an accepted precious ornament, and linen textile is used for interior wall posts, curtains, tablecloths and other furniture covers, which can adjust the air humidity and temperature. Use linen sheets, pillow towels and sleep comfort. The former Soviet union has experimented in the South Pole, used linen as a tent in the metal frame, and used flax to solve the headache caused by the strong magnetism of the South Pole. The linen textile has a profound cultural connotation as well as a symbol of the class hotel grade and level. Linen is a hardcover of books, art, album, and souvenir cover. 

Choosing solemnly of Chinese architectural press, issue to the world of chairman MAO memorial hall building decoration materials, the cover of the album selected through a variety of materials, finally selected flax, the Palace Museum flax as cultural relics preservation ark of wall decoration materials, even the god of the bible also wear linen. Flax textiles with the five kinds of natural style, also due to its output is not high, in the people impression formed "on behalf of flax is high-grade" concept.

We have five kinds of production process for Linen Shopping Bag With Printing.

Heat pressure: new decorative pattern, bearing weight of 5-10 kg.

Seam: heavy load of manual car, carrying capacity of 7.5-10kg.

Fork: the stitching of the car is strengthened and the load is 10-15kg.

Button: beautiful and generous, prevent objects from falling out.

Magic stick: convenient fashion, protect things.

1. Standard exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. We use cartons or poly bags.

4. Package size is based on actual weight and volume or Customized.

5. Various modes of transportation.

6. Usually deliver goods in 10-15 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount.