Plastic Bags Or Bags

- Jan 18, 2018-

This year is the ninth year of the official implementation of "plastic limit order." In some places, the situation is more and more embarrassing plastic limit, many small shops still provide free plastic bags. How do you think the implementation of plastic limit order?

Recently, a survey conducted by the Youth Survey Joint Questionnaire on 2007 respondents showed that 41.9% of respondents considered "plastic limit order" as well as 31.6% of respondents as fair, while 26.4% Respondents were blunt. The vegetable market (69.4%), street vendors (65.5%) and supermarkets (56.3%) are among the most widely used plastic bags. 86.4% of respondents think that the need for further control of the use of plastic bags.

The vegetable market (69.4%), street vendors (65.5%) and supermarkets (56.3%) were the most used plastic bags

35-year-old Beijing supermarket staff Zhang Hongyan introduction, and now many people have developed a supermarket shopping comes with the habit of shopping bags, "Plastic limit or have had a great effect. Just feel the implementation of the past two years Some relaxed. " Zhang Hongyan said the level of consumption is improving, some young people do not mind a few cents, and sometimes the map will be easy to buy.

Usually shopping, people will care how many cents to buy plastic bags it? 60.1% of respondents will care, 39.9% of respondents said they do not care. Which occasions the most frequent use of plastic bags? The vegetable market (69.4%), street vendors (65.5%) and supermarkets (56.3%) were the most frequently used, followed by courier and takeout (32.9%) and shopping malls (22.1%).

As for the implementation effect of "plastic limit order," 41.9% of respondents think it is not bad, and 31.6% of respondents think that, in general, 26.4% of respondents say poorly.

Liu Junhai, a law professor at Renmin University of China, believes that the effect of "plastic limit order" is not very satisfactory. From the point of view of the society, it basically means that businessmen make money, consumers pay for it, and plastic bags are free to use. This is not the intention of "plastic limit order". The purpose of "plastic limit order" is to curb and eliminate the prevalence of plastic bags. But now, plastic bags are still in production for the same reason, the sale is the same, the use of the same, businesses make money as before.