Non-woven Bags How To Achieve As A Courier Bag?

- Feb 05, 2018-

In the 21st century, driven by the rapid development of the Internet, many industries have enjoyed rapid development. Among them, the express delivery industry is a typical case. As early as before, when the Internet was not yet so popular, there were only postal services at that time, so it was very inefficient. So now the postal express delivery industry is suppressed by other courier companies. In the courier industry, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of mobile Internet, the pain points of the express delivery industry and some unacceptable situations are slowly emerging.

Talking about the pain point of the courier industry, for consumers, is the courier on the express mail rough way of transport. This is secondary. Today, the industry pain point mentioned by Shenzhen Textile Co., Ltd. is the problem of express bags. For the environment, express bags have become the pain point of environmental protection. Now the parcel courier, usually based on the needs of consumers to choose parcel bags. If it is fragile items, at least two layers, or two or more parcel bags. The innermost plastic bubble paper, then outside the supporting force of corrugated boxes, and some will be put on a layer of plastic bags outside. All of these require resources to create. So far, the demand in this area has still not been solved.

From an environmental point of view, if you use an environmentally friendly, but also can play a supporting role of the bags used to make courier bags, it can solve a big problem. Yesterday, just have a client non-woven material courier bags asked if we can do, made a picture, in fact, very simple. The idea of the customer is also very market prospects. Is the idea of recycling on the inside. If this vision can be achieved, it will also have a very positive impact on society. Non-woven bags as courier bags, whether it will be achieved, let us wait and see!