The function principle of medical packing bag

- Aug 14, 2017-

Using the resistance of the packaging material through EO ethylene oxide or steam and other sterilization gas penetration to achieve sterilization packaging and storage transport, the packaging bag may not be opened before the bag inside the bag has been kept sterile.

Maintain the sterile state of the product. Packaging can not be contaminated by air, fiber breakage, dust and other exotic things, microbial intrusion opportunities (ASTM D-2019). Therefore, the packaging needs to ensure that:

--including material without breakage;

-Sealing integrity, peel strength (ASTM F88) suitable, no penetration (ASTMF1929:1998), no blasting (ASTM f-1150/astmf-2054), stripping clean (en868-5).

Must adapt to the promise of sterilization mode iso11134\iso11135\iso11137

Used for the sterilization of medical equipment packaging materials, with microbial barrier function, can prevent microbial access and provide aseptic protection, so that products in the use of sterile final packaging.