The composing function of medical packing bag

- Aug 14, 2017-

One side of medical dialysis paper, the other side for medical composite membrane medical packaging bags can be suitable for: EO ethylene oxide, high-temperature steam steam, gamma-cobalt CO60 radiation irradiation sterilization packaging, if the hospital to the medical device high-temperature steam disinfection or sterilization when used for the disinfection of items, sterile medical equipment manufacturers such as syringes, catheters, probes, gauze tablets, surgical clothing, artificial bones, artificial organs, pen knives and other sterile products, such as sterile packaging, General steam sterilization a few minutes to half an hour temperature 121-134 degrees, ethylene oxide sterilization for several hours, temperature of about 55 degrees, irradiation at room temperature sterilization, about 2 minutes can be completed, high-temperature sterilization is not suitable for the use of Pet (polyester)/pe (polyethylene) colorless transparent medical composite film, because PE itself does not tolerate high temperature, glue also does not withstand high temperature, ... The use of Pet (polyester)/cpp (polypropylene) is not recommended for irradiation sterilization. Because irradiation on CPP has an aging embrittlement, it may also precipitate harmful halides. Generally is the product in the clean workshop, such as 100,000-level decontamination workshop, the disposable sterile medical equipment products into the bag, and then sealed with a hot sealing machine to seal up the bag, packed into the carton, into the sterilization cabinet after the sterilization OK, and then generally due to different materials, resistance to the durability of the term is generally divided into 1 years 3 years, 5 years, have done the aging verification, so that in the transport, storage until the end of the hospital nurse opened, The medical products in the bag are sterile products and can be used directly without sterilization.