Paper bag for plastic bag is not environmentally friendly

- Feb 26, 2018-

Plastic shopping bags are daily consumables, and Lanzhou consumes a large amount of plastic shopping bags every day. Due to excessive use and recycling are not in place and other reasons, causing a serious waste of energy and resources and environmental pollution, a "white pollution" of the main source. Many people think that paper bags are the best alternative to plastic bags. Paper bags can be made into different specifications, and plastic bags are similar, in particular, it can be recycled, is environmentally friendly.

Is it really eco-friendly to use paper bags? Environmentalists disagree, "The mass production of paper bags will lead to deforestation, in fact, is to destroy the environment, not conducive to environmental protection, which is actually a misunderstanding." Gansu Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau official said recycled paper bags of paper Fiber is very short, can not be too much weight, to increase the weight, must be over plastic or plastic processing, this process still need to use plastic. However, considering the current shortage of tree resources and other factors, once the replacement of plastic bags with paper bags, it is bound to cut down a large area of trees, the result will cause ecological damage.