Non-woven bags generally favored

- Feb 24, 2018-

Non-woven bags strong, but also can be repeatedly used, and its most advantage is that all ages, in the interview, most of the public are inclined to this. "It is best to have beautifully designed cloth bags, young people will be willing to take when shopping. Even if not shopping, service, friends and the like occasions, holding is also appropriate." Ms. Tian working in government agencies hope to have the best Foldable bag, folded when not in use, certainly by office workers welcome. In the interview, some elderly consumers do not have much demand for bags, instead, they pay close attention to how much the environment-friendly shopping bags provided by shopping malls are, how they can not be used and how many times they can be used repeatedly. PARKnSHOP in the country Fang, the reporter saw non-woven bags have appeared on the sales counter, priced at 5.6 yuan. Ms. Fang, who is being selected, said: "Even selling 6 yuan is not expensive. The key is to look good, stylish, carry it out." The other two interviewees want simpler, cheaper. Rolled out. Ms. Gao is very unhappy: "This is the third bag I bought, it seems that after the plastic bags can only buy." Reporters interviewed several public random people, many people said that their own non-woven bag simply can not mention heavy Things, cracking twice with two.

Wuyi Road, the provincial capital has many shops opened a custom non-woven bags business, the reporter came to one of them asked whether the production of eco-bags, the owner replied: "can be customized, materials and specifications can be set." Reporter found in the store Well done bags not only did not indicate the manufacturer, origin, etc., the production process is also very rough, the bag handle and the body of the interface, with only an ordinary thin suture, pull a few times, can feel the seams Will crack. When a reporter asked the bag can load a few kilograms, the owner said that he is not clear about the weight and the use of time. Several shops nearby, most of the production of non-woven bags.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, said the country because there is no specific quality inspection standards for non-woven bags, so what kind of shopping bag qualified is difficult to determine. "Plastic limit order" is just a mandatory standard for plastic shopping bags, no provisions for any alternatives. Therefore, non-woven bag quality problems may be due to manufacturers in the choice of fabric and sewing process there are quality problems.