How many colors can be printed on a non-woven bag?

- Apr 01, 2018-

With the emergence of non-woven bags, due to the characteristics of its style and more specifications, stylish appearance, environmental protection, durability, quality and cheap, etc., more and more companies are willing to choose to use non-woven bags as their company's Brand promotional items. We all know that the unique and exquisite design of the product can better attract customers' eyeballs and increase the sales rate of products. Therefore, some customers prefer to design some beautiful graphics on the bag body when customizing non-woven bags. The non-woven bags are even more stylish and attractive, but what the customers don't know is that, in fact, non-woven bags are required in terms of printing color, and they are based on the number of customers' customized colors and quantity to select the printing process.

The commonly used printing process is screen printing. The printing area, the number of colors, the color registration, the quality of the printing material, the weather and many other factors will affect the cost price. However, it still has advantages. Its advantages are that it should be universal, the cost is relatively low, and there is a limit on the quantity of orders. Generally, 1,000 can be used. There is no absolute limit to the quantity, and the price is relatively low, but Its disadvantage is that the printing color is not a lot. In general, it can print about 5 colors. If the printing color is too high, the speed may be slow, the color registration may not be accurate, and there will be deviations. If there are gradient colors or shadows, the silk screen printing is Not come out. It is suitable for relatively simple patterns, not too complicated, not suitable for gradient or color printing

There is also a kind of printing process that is flexographic printing, using a new type of water-based ink and solvent-based ink, non-toxic, non-polluting, fully in line with the requirements of green environmental protection. This kind of printing process has a minimum order quantity of 5,000, but the printing fee is relatively cheap and can be printed in six colors. However, this printing process can only print dark colors on light-colored cloths. Cannot print white.

If custom-made non-woven bags need to be printed with more colors or high-precision patterns such as portraits, landscapes, and photos, we recommend that you choose the gravure coating color printing. The principle of this printing process is to engrave the engraving first. The printing pattern is printed on the PP film, and then the printed PP film is heat-sealed on the non-woven fabric, so that any pattern can be printed, the speed is fast, the printing effect is good, the color registration is accurate, and there is no restriction on the complexity of the pattern and the color. However, this type of printing process requires 5,000 orders, the cost of printing plates is high, the plate version fee is related to the area and color of the plate, and the more the number of custom-made non-woven bags, the lower customers will pay.