Every product has its advantages and disadvantages,so as Non-woven Green Bags

- Apr 01, 2018-

Regardless of any product has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages, take the case of non-woven bags, although the non-woven bags are fashionable, environmentally friendly and durable, stylish appearance, affordable and other features, but also a wide range of occupation In the area of advertising and packaging, there have been some negative comments. Some people think that this product is not as practical as plastic bags. Xiao Bian all introduced the advantages of non-woven bags, so today Xiao Bian came to talk about the shortcomings of non-woven bags!

Non-woven bags do have some drawbacks, that is, it can not be directly loaded with oily things, although the non-woven bags can be used repeatedly, but it is difficult to wash and throw away after the oil is thrown away, unfortunately, so many times Everyone is willing to choose to use plastic bags to hold greasy products. After they are used, they can be thrown away without feeling pity. So non-woven bags manufacturers need to make a big improvement on non-woven bags, so that consumers can use them. Is more convenient.

One disadvantage of non-woven bags is that they do not support off-the-shelf products. Because the non-woven bags are customized products, they are all tailored to the needs of customers. The bags can be printed with logos and promotional graphics, and so on. Unlike those generic products can be directly stocked.