Plastic Garment Bag with Zipper

Plastic Garment Bag with Zipper

MOQ: 12000 Pieces 

Material: PVC

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Plastic Garment Bag With Zipper









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1.You can take it with you when you travel.

2.It can make your clothes tidy and clean.

The main advantage of PVC material is that the material is lighter, waterproof and moisture-proof. Unlike the plastic we see daily, PVC has the characteristics of flame retardant insulation. The disadvantages of PVC are: high temperature resistance, easy to work in a hotter environment.PVC gusset plate, with strong scrubbing ability, comparatively low cost, aluminum alloy gusset texture, decorative sense.

Wide-wave light transmittance optical instruments, as a good transparent performance of engineering Plastics, PC as a CD-ROM substrate in a large number of global use, not only can be prepared CD, VCD, DVD disc, but also suitable for high-density recording disc substrate, especially PC and styrene grafted copolymer has excellent application effect. PC sheet is especially suitable for making spectacle lenses, which can improve the hardness and abrasion resistance by introducing silicon-oxygen group into PC molecule chain. PC as a high refractive index plastic, used in the production of high-temperature optical fiber core material, if the-chain in the PC molecular chain to replace the-chain, then the absorption of visible light can be reduced, can effectively reduce the transmission of signal loss. In addition pc good light transmittance, in transparent window material high-rise building curtain wall, airport and stadium transparent building materials and so on the application is very common and has the potential, the future emphasis is to improve surface hardness and anti-static.

We have a production process for Plastic Garment Bag With Zipper.

A. Put the transfer paper into ink-jet printer printing, want to transfer pictures need to mirror the image, dry will print a good picture with the cutting tool to cut off the spare part, and in the images to retain 0.5cm white edge, lest the ink ooze, soiled clothes. The image is placed on a fabric that is intended to be transferred, and the iron is ironed with a copy paper or ironing gauze. 

B. Please work on the smooth surface and require that the carrier be able to withstand greater pressure recommended not to use household ironing board, because the home ironing board has a flexible and weak support strength, is not conducive to image bonding. Please set the iron temperature to the highest. After reaching the highest temperature, start ironing, if the iron temperature is low, the image transfer is not sufficient, easy to fall off. Be careful not to use a steam file, which affects the transfer effect.