Paper Food Bag with Printing

Paper Food Bag with Printing

MOQ: 5000 Pieces 

Material: Paper

Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Paper Food Bag With Printing









Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1.Eco-Friendly, Water Soluble, Other

2.OEM custom print available, up to 9 colors

3.Excellent barrier against air, moisture & puncture

4.Foil and ink used is environmentally friendly

5.User-friendly, smart self-standing & large capacity display


1.Wrapping paper

Packing paper, kraft paper, skin paper, parchment, cellophane paper, moistureproof wrapping paper, gunpowder, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, greaseproof paper, food wrapping paper, waxed paper, tea bag paper, vacuum aluminum plating paper, etc.


The paper board is commonly referred to as cardboard with a thickness of more than 0.1mm. It is divided into: packaging board, industrial board, building board, printing and decoration board. Paper plate can be divided into double side and the single side white paper board. Double-sided paper board is only used in high-grade goods packaging. General cartons, such as cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, food, stationery and other commodities bottle, mostly use single side paper board.

Gravure printing can be divided into single printing and drum printing according to the shape of the substrate. According to the way of the plate, the gravure can be divided into two types: corrosion and gravure and gravure. Corrosion gravure includes photogravure and photogravure. Gravure engravings include electronic engraving gravure, laser engraving gravure, mechanical engraving gravure and gravure engraving.

Hand-carved gravure is made by hand engraving by technical personnel on the surface of the printing plate. The printed material can be made of copper plate or steel plate. Manual labor is heavy, the printing cost is large, the cycle is long. But the hand-carved gravure is clear, the printed matter is strong, hard to fake. Most of them are used in the printing and gravure of negotiable securities and high quality artwork. 

1. Standard exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. We use cartons or poly bags.

4. Package size is based on actual weight and volume or Customized.

5. Various modes of transportation.

6. Usually deliver goods in 10-15 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount.