Aluminum Foil Food Bag with Window

Aluminum Foil Food Bag with Window

MOQ: 5000 Pieces 

Material: Aluminum Foil

Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Aluminum Foil Food Bag With Window








Aluminum Foil

Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1. Solid Contents for Foods: Candy, Biscuit, Potato Cracker, Soup Powder, Vegetable, Chocolate, Jerky, Pet Foods, Croutons, and more

2. Solid Contents for Cosmetic and Washing Powder and Other Industry Use: Washing Powder, Lawn Weed Control Granule, Meadow Grass Mixture, Ant-killer Granule, and more

3. Dried Foods: Potato Chip, Raisin, Snack, and more

4. Liquid Contents: Juice, Drink, Mineral Water, Sauce, Ketchup, Milk, Skin Care, Soap Liquid, Detergent, Paste, Cream, Tea, Coffee, Shampoo, Edible Oil, and more

Gold Card Packaging: With the rapid development of packaging industry, China's packaging industry level has entered the world's advanced ranks. China's high-end cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor and other products are mostly used aluminum foil and paper jam after the packaging of gold. Gold Card packaging Not only has a certain amount of moisture-proof performance, more beautiful and luxurious surface, greatly improve the product grade.

Cigarette packaging: China is a big country of cigarette production and consumption, although the consumption ratio of aluminum foil for cigarette packaging has been reduced year by generation in other industries, but it is still the consumption subject of 0 foil. The aluminum foil in cigarette packaging material plays an important role in moistureproof.

Capacitor: In recent years, China's electronics, electric power industry has been a great development, because of the small proportion of aluminum foil, larger than the surface, high conductivity of the unique performance, as the best material for the manufacture of film capacitors, applied to the electronics, power industry.

Construction industry: In the domestic, central air-conditioning pipe outside the use of aluminum foil for thermal insulation, in developed countries and regions, steel grating factory also uses aluminum foil, plastic and woven fiber composite materials for building roof insulation layer, this material has good insulation effect, long service period, is an ideal building materials. 

We have a production process for Aluminum Foil Food Bag With Window.

Gravure web, general use of speed control system printing speed, in order to make the various printing units synchronized, using a main motor and CVT, with a long rotating shaft to drive the entire printing system. Start the ink pump, check whether the ink pump reverse. In the color printing plate clutch out of the situation to start the main motor, check the transmission speed, and then find open dryer and blower, at low speed to close the clutch, the color register. 

In the first color as the benchmark, starting point of the beginning of the second, third, fourth color of the vertical chromatic registration; then still in the first color as the benchmark, the second, third, fourth color of the horizontal register, the horizontal chromatic with handwheel fine-tuned alignment.