Why Choose Green Bags

- Mar 19, 2018-

Environmental protection non-woven bag (commonly known as nonwoven bags) is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful modelling, good permeability, reusable, can be washed, can be printed with Ad, long life, suitable for any company, any industry for advertising, gifts.

1. Non-woven shopping bags have more economic effects.

From the release of the plastic-limiting order, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market, replacing the non-woven shopping bags that can be used repeatedly.

Non-woven bags are easier to print than plastic bags, and the color is more pronounced.

And can use repeatedly, consider a non-woven shopping bag with more elegant than plastic bags design and advertising, because can use repeatedly attrition rate is lower than plastic bags, led to more cost savings, non-woven shopping bag instead and bring more obvious benefits.

2, strong

Traditional plastic bag shopping bag, so the material is thin and fragile to save cost.

But if it is to make him stronger, it will cost more.

Non-woven shopping bags have solved all problems, non-woven shopping bags, strong toughness and not easy to wear.

There are a lot of laminated non-woven shopping bags, which are more durable, waterproof, feel good, and have a nice appearance.

Although a single cost is a bit more than a plastic bag, its service life is a non-woven shopping bag that can reach hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

3, advertising,

A beautiful non-woven shopping bag is not just a product package.

Its exquisite appearance is more attractive, can turn into fashionable simple shoulder bag, become the street a beautiful scenery.

With its inherent character such as waterproof, non-stick hand will be the first choice, customer go out on such a non-woven shopping bag, can be printed on your company's logo or advertising, its advertising effect is self-evident, a real little input into big returns.

4. Public welfare.

The issue of limited plastic order is to solve the problem of environmental protection.

The use of non-woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage conversion.

With the concept of environmental protection, it can reflect the image of your company and the effect of the people.

The potential value is more than the money can replace.