The Weight Of The Canvas

- Apr 07, 2018-

Weight: refers to the weight in grams of a square meter of fabric. Woven canvas fabric with "Oz" "An" or "OZ" knitted canvas general weight (g/m2)

Its conversion is 1 ounce is equal to 28.375 grams But in the weighing machine is generally 28.35 grams, with the yarn count and fabric density, the thicker the yarn the thicker the cloth, the greater the weight of grams.

This is not related to the density of the fabric, but the ounces are used on relatively thick fabrics. For example, denim canvas must be in ounces. In fact, you can also understand that the woven fabric has a relatively coarse ounce. But now it is generally used in denim and canvas.

Eco-friendly canvas bags have many styles and new styles. They can be used as general reusable shopping bags and can also be used as promotional gifts for enterprises.

Canvas bags are a kind of fashionable environmental protection bags. The bags are very high in terms of workmanship and materials, or they can't get out of stock, but they can make people feel neither fish nor fowl.