The Common Non-woven Bag Printing Process

- Mar 27, 2018-

1, screen printing process

Screen printing non-woven bags are printed by screen printing at the time of printing. Printing materials generally use water-based inks and environmentally friendly printing pastes. The main characteristic of the screen printing non-woven bag is that there is no order quantity requirement, and the price belongs to the medium grade.

2, flexographic printing process

Flexo printing can also be called web printing. This type of printing non-woven bag has certain requirements on the order quantity, and the order quantity is 5,000, but the printing fee is relatively cheap. This printing method of non-woven bags also has its own shortcomings, that is, only the dark color printing on the light-colored cloth will be so effective, and there is no printing white. The number of colors for flexo printing can be up to six colors. The white cartoon non-woven bags are generally recommended for printing and production.

3, peritoneal printing process

The peritoneal non-woven bag is a non-woven reusable bag that has been popular in recent years. The peritoneal non-woven bag is a non-woven fabric bag with a color pattern printed on it. This kind of non-woven bag also has a requirement for the quantity of orders, 5000 orders, the general system board cost is about 2,000 yuan. Therefore, a smaller unit price will be higher. The feature of this non-woven bag is that it can print any color pattern and the printing effect is very good. Even more complex printing can be achieved. This kind of peritoneal printing plate making is costly, the plate making fee is related to the area and color of the plate making; the printing cost is only proportional to the printing area size, and the quantity is large and the printing area is large, it is suitable for the peritoneal process, so the ring ya package proposal requires the color printing. Customers with large orders have used this printing process.

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