The Advantages Of Canvas Bag

- Jan 16, 2018-

Canvas made of bags. After China promulgated the 'plastic limit order' in 2008, people advocate environmental protection and the canvas bags gradually come into their daily lives. Designers also added fashion elements to them, which made the canvas bags gradually fire up.

1. The material of the canvas bag is the same as the material of the cotton bag. Naturally, cotton is of course environmental protection.

2. Environmental canvas bag, the biggest cost is the fabric, and some non-woven bags are used environmentally friendly ink, generally not save money for that jerry-built (unless the manufacturer gave Mongolia), said here also can be called Get green

3. Strong and durable, I noticed that with two years of environmental protection canvas bag without any damage to the fabric, but in some places opened the line (sometimes heavy things pressed, the manufacturers do not good), so workmanship is a good factory This is from the propaganda time, oh;

4. Canvas fabric bags are more lines are more, most of them are very fine and smooth printing imaging effect is very good.

5 is also easier to clean up, after washing a little deformation, because cotton will shrink. This is a lot stronger than non-woven fabrics.

Canvas: A thicker piece of cotton or linen. It was named for the original sail. The general use of plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, warp and weft are used multi-strand wire. Canvas is usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas two categories. Crude canvas, also known as tarpaulin fabric, commonly used 58 (10 British branch) 4 to 7 strands of woven, fabric fast folding, with good waterproof properties for automotive transport and open storage shelter and field take tents. Thin canvas warp and weft yarns are generally 2 shares 58 to 6 28 (10 British / 2 to 21 British / 6), for the production of labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber canvas, fireproof, radiation shielding canvas, paper machine with canvas.