Talk About How To Choose Environmental Bags

- Apr 30, 2018-

Environmental protection bags, generally refers to their production materials can be natural degradation, and the time of degradation is not too long, at the same time, can also repeat the use of the bag, we can call it environmental bags.

  How to distinguish the selection of canvas bags of several points, here in Shenzhen, the small series of environmental protection bags for everyone summed up a few very important points, we can start from the raw materials, touch with the hands feel comfortable delicate is the first step, the following several points will be recorded down. 1. Is the raw material, the canvas feels comfortable and delicate, the canvas originally belonged to coarse hemp cloth, certainly has the texture, only good canvas texture is clear, feels has a kind of even delicate feeling, but the quality is inferior the fabric then feels rough, even stiff, real 100% 

  All cotton materials smell a faint fragrance of plants.

  2. Look at the material and accessories, pure cotton in the material and chemical fiber in the material compared to the price is much more expensive, of course, more solid, not easy to draw, feel first-class, maybe we often encounter this situation, bag appearance is not bad, the material first broken, so choose shopping bag, the material is very important, a super beautiful canvas bag, the details of this can not be overlooked. 3. Look at the work, sewing the more detailed, the more solid bag, the more difficult to do, buy canvas bag people know this, the bag is a very curious thing to do, so remember, regardless of the use of open-wire or dark line sewing bag, the length of the pins should be uniform, and no head exposed, to the suture whether there is no wrinkle, 

  Whether the line has come to see if the location of the cable head will cause the packet cracking. 4. See color, cloth bag or other bag or other material bags, the choice of color has been relatively small, the main reason is that the fixed color of canvas fabric has been not a good solution, can not highlight the bright colors.