Shock! Such A Non-woven Bags How?

- Feb 08, 2018-

Green bags, apparently has become an indispensable daily life of a daily necessities. Almost 60% of people use green bags every day. However, in many cases, the so-called green bags we use are mostly plastic or paper. Used waste, lost on the environment or have a great impact. Those are basically under the guise of protecting the environment in the face to his own gold, in the eyes of Xiaobian, as long as the plastic bag material, are not really eco-bags. At present, the white pollution of environmental damage is one of the major rectification targets of several major pollution sources. Therefore, as early as 2008, the state promulgated the "plastic limit" decree, specializing in the use of plastic bags.

Wal-Mart bags non-woven bags

Many people's definition of environmental protection is not very clear. It does not mean that we should deliberately do much environmental protection. Rather, it is good to pay attention to our living habits in our life. For example, we usually use the bags, try to avoid using plastic bags like. However, sometimes there is no way to avoid it, then we should make the best use of plastic bags. If used up once, the plastic bag is not damaged, can be used as garbage bags. However, because plastic bags can be degraded for a long time, disposable plastic bags should be avoided as much as possible. Second, in our usual shopping process, we should use a special shopping bag. And our shopping bags, you can choose non-woven bags, canvas bags, nylon bags. Or, before we go shopping, we have the shopping bag ready, and when we buy it, we can take the ready shopping bag directly.

Non-woven bags, in the natural degradation, the plastic bags thrown eight Street. Ordinary plastic bags, thrown in nature, may have to be completely degraded decades ago, and non-woven bags in just a few months can be completely degraded. This is one of the important reasons why our non-woven bags can be called eco bags.

And our non-woven bags, where to do it?