Motion Sickness Vomit Bag

- Jan 12, 2018-


On domestic or international airline cabins, sometimes some passengers vomit on the plane because of airsickness or unwell conditions. In order to prevent individual occurrences, most airlines have already prepared on the nacelle a number of bags specially designed for passengers to vomit to prevent passengers vomiting vomiting on the plane, which is known as "airsickness vomiting bag"; in addition, it can also be used Use garbage not needed by travelers.


General airsick vomiting bags will be placed in the cabin seat or by the flight attendant special distribution.

How to use

1, in the case of vomiting, the airsick vomit sealing bag ripped open, you can use for vomiting.

2, after the machine, the airsick vomit bag thrown into the trash or designated location can be.

1. The first night before taking the flight, should ensure adequate sleep and rest, the next day only with plenty of energy to take the opportunity.

2. Half an hour before the plane takes off the motion sickness medicine, the patient can not vomit within 5.6 hours.

3. Should try to pick away from the engine and the window near the seat, so that both reduce the shock and expand the field of vision. Pay attention to maintaining space orientation, line of sight should be as far as possible to see the distant clouds and mountains, rivers, do not look near the clouds.

4. In the aircraft take off, wear clouds, turn, landing and landing a larger shock, bumpy, patients should be as little activity. In particular, to the fixed head, can not rotate.

5. Attention to prevent the conditioned reflex. If you find signs of neighbors to vomit, immediately left the scene, to avoid sight.

6. In the event of a motion sickness, in light situations, be careful still do not interrupt the focus of the matter and maintain a directional view. If heavier, should be kept quiet, sit tight, the best supine, fixed head; more serious, due to vomiting and body water loss, to promptly added saline.