Method Of Kraft Paper Bag Production

- Mar 25, 2018-

Because of its environmental protection characteristics, kraft paper bags are highly valued by the public. In particular, almost all European countries use kraft paper bags. There are several ways to deal with kraft paper bags.

1, small white kraft paper bags, generally a large number of such bags, a wide range of applications, because many businesses are demanding this kind of kraft paper bags cheap and durable, usually the practice of kraft paper bags is machine-shaped, machine-paste, completely Machine operation.

2, medium kraft paper bag approach, under normal circumstances, medium-sized kraft paper bags are machine-stick synthetic after the manual paste rope and made into a kraft paper bag, due to the current domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment by the molding size restrictions, and kraft paper The bag-tying machine can only stick the rope of the smaller bag, so the practice of the kraft bag is limited by the machine. There are so many bags that there is no way for the machine to finish production alone.

3, large bags, reverse kraft paper bags, thick yellow kraft paper bags, the practice of these kraft paper bags to be purely hand-built, the current domestic still can not solve these kraft paper bag forming machine, can only be handmade, this The production costs of kraft paper bags are high and the quantity will not be large.

4, no matter what kind of kraft paper bag above, if the quantity is not big enough to use pure hand-made, because the loss of machine-made kraft paper bags, there is no way to solve the small number of kraft paper bags approach. [