Do You Know What Is A Non-woven Flat Pocket?

- Mar 30, 2018-

A non-woven flat pocket can also be called a non-woven punch bag. This kind of bag has no other hand-held bag. Instead, it has an opening at the head of the bag to replace the hand-held bag and has no side non-woven bag.

With the improvement of technology and improvement of technology, most of the non-woven bags nowadays use mechanical production. After the mechanization of non-woven bags production, the production efficiency is greatly increased and the production cost is reduced. The non-woven flat pockets were originally manufactured by hand using ultrasonics. The efficiency is low and the flatness of the non-woven bags is not high. Now the flat non-woven bags of our factory are generally produced by a single molding machine and the corresponding specifications After the machine is on the line, the finished product bag comes out of the line, which has high production efficiency and low price.

Although the flat non-woven bag has many advantages, it also has its limitations, such as the ultrasonic hot pressing force can not be compared with the sewing, flat non-woven bags are generally used in the use of low-non-woven bags.