Build A Green Environment

- Mar 02, 2018-

As the white pollution becomes more and more serious, the voices advocating green environmental protection are getting louder and louder. The invention of plastic bags a long time ago made the time of excitement, they do not know how this invention will bring harm to the current environment. However, as time passes, people find that the good plastic bags which make them praise and praise have no natural degradation and bring great harm to the environment. At this time, though they know the shortage of plastic bags, they can no longer stop people Use plastic bags. However, the environment continues to deteriorate, leaving some environmentally conscious people to abandon the use of plastic bags or try to avoid the use of plastic bags, resulting in the concept of making eco-bags.

Green bags, as the name suggests is not harmful to the environment of the bag, can be naturally degraded. Because white pollution brings great hidden danger to the environment, more and more people begin to use eco-friendly bags. White pollution has been further controlled. However, although people start to use eco bags because of environmental pollution, eco bags can not replace the convenience of plastic bags, and it is really not possible to completely remove the plastic bags from time to time.