The value of using bags

- Feb 28, 2018-

Since the "plastic limit", people gradually develop the habit of carrying shopping bags. Some businesses look at this opportunity to start shopping bags with green "brains" - printed on eco bags advertising. Yesterday, the reporter saw many supermarkets checkout office in our city, most customers use their own recyclable bags, and almost all the bags have been printed on a variety of ads - there is the name of shopping malls , Signs, there are other brands of businesses, and some even the address on the bag, the phone is printed out in detail. According to the introduction of citizens using the eco-bag, because the bags are mostly "plastic limit" on the eve of the supermarket and free shopping malls, so printed on the above ads will be accepted. As the shopping bag every day to use, so there will not be any more broad, just want to do shopping bags can be beautiful, solid point.