The production of Green bag

- Mar 27, 2018-

Technical Points for Producing Recycled Shopping Bag Paper with Waste Paper

1. For general dry goods, it is recommended to use the entire US waste or European waste, and control the production of base paper according to the A or B grade technical specifications of kraft linerboard. The surface layer can be noodles or noodles, according to whether or not to print complex designs and advertisements. The paper sheet can be quantified at 135~150 g/m2. 25*20*15cm paper bag can bear weight up to 8~15 kg.

2. All waste paper can also be used for goods that need to withstand a certain amount of moisture. Only on the basis of the above criteria, add a certain wet strength agent of 0.5 to 1.0% and a wet strength of 10 to 15% of the dry strength.

3. For meat or other wet goods, you can also choose to use full waste paper to make shopping bags. This requires adding or surface-applying an environmentally-friendly oil-repellent agent to the slurry during the papermaking process. It is also possible to spray the water-soluble or degradable resin twice on a Kraft board with good surface strength.

4. In the papermaking process, two layers of pulp are added into the water soluble yarns in combination with the textile principle. This layer of paper can achieve the strength of four layers of kraft paper and can completely replace ordinary cement bag paper. Similarly, single-layer paper can be used on shopping bags.

5. These products are safe and environmentally friendly.