The importance of background in Eco-bag printing

- Mar 29, 2018-

When working in Xinku City Xinkun Recycled Bag Sales Center, we often find that many of the jobs will be designed for the background color. What is the importance of the background color in designing the works? Now, it is along with the author to analyze the background color. The importance of printing. There is also a background color in the prepress process design, in order to facilitate the printing and control of hue and make up the difference between the color of the printed matter and the draft, for the background part of the artificially added color, it is also the use of spot color printing. This is because the manuscripts of the designs are often selected from the Chinese paintings, gouache paintings, woodblock prints, and oil paintings. These works of art are beautifully designed, with rich colors and vivid changes in levels.

If you simply use the three primary colors plus black overlay to reproduce the picture, the color of the picture will appear to be monotonous and much thinner than the original, often giving the impression of lack of color, as the color of the manuscript is richer, thicker, and the change between colors is also more Hard and uncoordinated, the scenes on the screen are also plain and rough, and the artistic effect of copying is not ideal. On the other hand, from a printing point of view, if the print design completely depends on the superposition of the three primary colors to produce color changes, the design of the bag and the large-scale printing should make the picture hue consistent and difficult. In this case, in order to be able to perfectly reproduce the artistic charm of the manuscript and obtain a high-quality finished product, the process design must be based on the main colors of the original picture, and define one or two spot colors as the background color of the pattern portion. , which is the complement of color, such as: dark, light gray, dark, light yellow, purple, etc., plus the three primary colors. In such large-volume printing, the dominant color of the printing screen of Langfang Printing Factory is fixed and unchanged, so it is relatively easy to make the ink color consistent, and the single-sheet template is advertised to ensure the quality of the printing design. At the same time, the artistic effect of the picture is greatly improved, so that the tone is basically the same as the original. It also reproduces the blooming effect of the original color. The color is rich and soft, the color changes naturally and harmoniously. The whole picture is flat and delicate. In the production of certain character prints, for example, the background color in the album usually has two different manifestations. One is the background often appearing on the screen as the background of the motif pattern. Although it is not the subject of the screen, it is the entire screen. The medium plays an important role in the theme and directly influences the artistic effect of the picture. In order to make the basic color of the finished product after printing in large quantities basically consistent, there is no obvious color shift phenomenon, which can perfectly reproduce the artistic concept of the printing designer. This background color is generally used for jacket printing. When encountering the background color of some manuscripts with a dark background or a relatively large area, it is also necessary to design two color shades that are similar to the hue to be printed in depth and light, so that the background color of the manuscript is consistent with the original and the ink layer is thick. Flat clothes, no flowers, no leaks, can truly reproduce the artistic effect of the manuscript.