Talking about the pulling problem of non-woven bag

- May 03, 2018-

Non-woven bag pull is not good, this is what many people know, then the specific reason why the non-woven bag pull is not good?

First, the reason for the fabric, due to the price competition in the non-woven bags industry in recent years so that there is a so-called compound film material, the so-called compound film material is actually B grade material or c grade material, non-woven fabric sub A Grades, B grades, and C grades, the so-called grades are actually the proportion of fillers. A grade material is the best material is a new material, that is, pellets. The raw materials of the non-woven fabrics are all made of new plastic particles. The worse the fabric is, the worse the fabric is and the easier it is to tear.

Second, the defect of the non-woven bag, the non-woven fabric after the film pull will be greatly reduced, the reason is relatively simple, and it is also inevitable. Since the non-woven fabric is hardened after a layer of film is applied on the non-woven fabric, the tensile force of the fabric will follow the film. Everyone knows that the film is very brittle and easily tears. After being together, as long as the film is torn, the nonwoven fabric will crack along with the film.