Special printing types and use

- Feb 07, 2018-

Special printing can not be printed in the special description, but should be printed in accordance with the formation of different classification, of course, they are still using relief, lithography, gravure, stencil version of the four major changes to be developed . We have always been using paper as a benchmark for performance. However, special printing can be performed using a variety of materials. Therefore, the method of plate making and the method of printing are also different. For example, in the most basic material, Cellophane, plastic skin, man-made silk paper, metal pipe, aluminum foil, etc. can show its unique personality existence. In recent years, many products using cellophane for printing materials, based on the unique personality of their products, and require special equipment and special technologies, such as cellophane is used to package food and other factors, so the ink used must be carefully considered, not to Produce chemical changes or affect the taste of food. Others, such as the difference between the print material and the reliance on new technology is inevitable. As a result of a variety of special printing phenomenon are beyond the general my living environment is rare, it is the designer to pay attention to be used. Of course, there are a lot of performance and have to choose special printing method.

Aluminum foil printing

Aluminum foil is pressed from the aluminum sheet made of pieces, like paper, usually about the thickness of 0. Knock, mm-0.02mm or so, when the press to the final stage of two simultaneous calendering, so that both sides of the aluminum foil . Aluminum foil is the most important feature to prevent moisture, and can have the role of shading, it is most commonly used for cigarette packaging or film (Film) packaging. There are many cases of aluminum foil affixed to the back of the paper or plastic film, then its use is more extensive.

Most of the use of aluminum foil printing gravure printing method, aluminum foil is reel-type, so the printing press will use the round version of round-robin machine. Generally a large number of packages or large number of copies are used. Because of its maximum moisture-proof moisture is usually used in food packaging for the most


The main characteristic of the Cypriot paper is moisture-proof and bright, so it is also applied to food packaging. It is very beautiful and hygienic. Cypress paper is a transparent paper after printing surface treatment and back treatment, making it a plastic film, divided into two types of transparent and opaque. Transparent transparent plastic paper welding plastic film, opaque who is divided into three: one is the metal foil welding plastic film, the second is the plastic sheeting plastic film, the third is the transparent paper and metal foil while welding plastic film. It is generally printed by the gravure printing method. Also because of the roll-type of the Cypriot paper, the printing machine is a rotary gravure printing machine and is also suitable for a large number of printed matters such as foods, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, cosmetics, machinery Parts, fruits, seafood and more. In addition to most of the use of gravure printing, there are also offset printing and silk printing.