OPP bag features and advantages

- Apr 08, 2018-

OPP bag:

Features such as high transparency, crispness, etc., OPP single sheet folded back side edge sealing and self-adhesive seal at the open tongue, when used to load the product torn off the protective surface of the seal after the tongue is folded and then glued, Easy to use, beautiful and generous, widely used in clothing, food, printing, stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. According to the needs of customers can also print a variety of patterns and butterfly holes, aircraft holes.

OPP film has clear advantages:

First, the seal is good. The experimental data shows that the new OPP membrane seal is more than double that of traditional membranes, making its products more moisturizing, preservation, longer preservation time;

Second, strong security. The synthesis technology and special printing technology used in the new film have a high technological content. Only Germany and Japan have mastered this technology, counterfeit production is almost impossible, and provides a strong guarantee for product anti-counterfeit;

Third, the raw materials used in the new type of OPP film are degradable materials, so it is in full compliance with international standards in environmental protection.

The new OPP film has already emerged in the tobacco industry. Some large international companies have begun to use it.